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The di Mission

We Use IHP To Drive The Adoption Of Haskell In The Software World

By integrating the best of functional programming technologies into a unified solution, IHP offers a 10x faster path to developing high quality and well-performing web applications.

The best engineers get excited when they can work with Haskell and IHP to apply next-gen technologies to build better software.

There are two high-level trends in the software world:
  • The move to more type-safe technologies, and
  • the fast adoption of functional programming technologies.
The IHP ecosystem is designed to be at the intersection of these trends.

Our Products

di Services
Our engineering teams assist our customers succeeding in the digital space with comprehensive technical expertise in digital product development and fast implementation speed.
Initially created as proprietary technology at digitally induced, now open source. The fastest way to build type safe web apps.
IHP Cloud
From Prototype to Production: Make IHP-powered haskell apps available to the internet in seconds.

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